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Marine Corps Equipment Pouches

As a critical element of the Marine's individual load, the ILBE pouches provides a stable platform for the carriage of equipment and supplies needed across the spectrum of individual and unit operations. The ILBE pouches are a series of robust, specialized pouches capable of carrying the basic ammunition load required to support and sustain the individual Marine during combat operations.

ILBE Pouches
  • 9mm 15 Round Magazine pouch
    • 8465-01-558-5105
    • Designed for modularity and accessibility, this pouch holds one 9mm magazine.
  • M16/M4 Speed Reload Magazine pouch
    • 8465-01-558-5122
    • Designed to be sleek and accessible, this specialized pouch holds the Marine rifleman's first choice M16/M4 magazine.
  • M16/M4 Single/Double Magazine pouch
    • 8465-01-558-5167
    • Designed to be the sustainment pouch for the M16/M4 Speed Reload pouch, this pouch holds up to two M16/M4 Magazines and is single magazine wide.
  • 40mm Grenade pouch
    • 8465-01-558-5113
    • Designed for accessibility and modularity, this pouch holds one 40mm grenade (all DODICs).
  • Pop-up Flare pouch
    • 8465-01-559-3148
    • Designed with unit leader in mind, this pouch affords the user quick access to one pop-up flare.
  • M67 Grenade pouch
    • 8465-01-558-5185
    • Designed to hold one M67 grenade, this pouch affords the user quick access and modularity.
  • Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)/Utility pouch
    • 8465-01-559-0116
    • Designed to be a multifunctional pouch, this pouch holds one 200 round SAW drum or six 40 mm grenades or six M16/M4 Magazines securely.
    • It includes a removable internal three-compartment divider for conversion as a utility pouch. (8465-01-559-0310)
  • 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell pouch
    • 8465-01-558-4476
    • Designed to hold ten 3 inch 12 gauge shotgun shells, this pouch affords the user the ability to breech three doors.
  • Multi Grenade pouch
    • 8465-01-558-4687
    • Designed to be a multifunctional single grenade pouch, this pouch holds one Smoke grenade, Thermite grenade, Star Cluster grenade or two Flashbang grenades.
  • Dump pouch
    • 8465-01-558-5130
    • Designed to hold seven expended magazines, this pouch can be stowed out of the way during administrative operations.


  • M67854-07-R-3042:


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