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Marine Corps Grenadier Set

The Grenadier Set is a suite of three 40mm grenade pouches and one 40mm Grenade Multi-Round System (GMRS) to support the standard combat load for a Marine grenadier. The pouches are Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and are part of the Family of Individual Load Bearing Equipment.

40mm grenade pouch40mm grenade pouch40mm grenade pouchgrenade multi-round system


The 40mm GMRS is a 12 round adjustable bandolier. The 40mm Grenade Pouch can hold one 40mm grenade and is Pouch Attachment Ladder System compatible.


  • TAMCN: C54322F
  • IDN: 10569A
  • Set: 8465-01-459-6582 (the same as the MOLLE grenadier set)
    • 40mm GMRS: 8465-01-620-7022
    • 40mm Grenade Pouch: 8465-01-558-5113


  • PdM ICE Product Information Sheet [2015][2018]