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Combat Field Pack Suspenders

The suspenders are used to support, the field pack and the pistol belt. The shoulder pads should be centered on the shoulders in order to distribute the weight of the load evenly. The suspenders may be worn without the field pack. When wearing the suspenders without the field pack, the suspender straps should be attached directly to the pistol belt. To keep the weight of the load evenly on both shoulders, attach the rear suspender straps at even spaces from the center of the rear of the pistol belt.


The olive drab cotton webbing suspenders, with the pistol belt, make up the two basic individual load carrying equipment items because the remaining components are suspended from or attached to these items. The suspenders are of olive drab cotton webbing and drill cloth, and they may be adjusted by means of clamp-type buckles.


Suspenders are issued in three sizes: regular, long, and extra-long. If user is under 68 inches tall without shoes, he should wear the regular size. If user is 68 inches or over without shoes, he should wear the large size. If user is tall or broad-chested, and anticipates wearing the load-carrying equipment over cold-wet outer garments and/or armored vest, he should wear the extra long size. When possible, fitting should be determined, by the try-on method.



  • Regular: 8465-577-4922
  • Long: 8465-577-4923
  • X-Long: 8465-823-7231