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Pistol Belt

The pistol belt helps to support the field pack and is used to carry the intrenching tool and carrier, ammunition pouches, canteen and canteen cover, and first aid or compass case.


The olive drab cotton webbing pistol belt has a special ball-type fastener which increases the ease with which the belt can be put on and taken off. It utilizes eyelets for attachment purposes, and has four sliding keepers which are used to prevent the belt hooks from becoming unfastened after adjustment to the wearer's waist.


The pistol belt is issued in two sizes, medium and large, so that it can be adjusted to fit over all layers of outer clothing, including the complete cold-wet ensemble and the armored vest. If user's bare waist measures under 30 inches, he should wear the medium belt. If user's bare waist measures 30 inches or more, he should wear the large belt.



  • Medium: 8465-577-4925
  • Large: 8465-577-4924