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Combat Field Pack (M1961)

The field pack is used to carry individual rations and equipment that are essential during field operations. It is designed to permit certain items to be carried in a number of different ways to meet changing conditions. For example, the poncho, can be carried inside the pack under the expandable flap or it can be attached to the bottom of the pack by means of the two adjustable securing straps. Extra items of small clothing, such as underwear and socks, also can be rolled and placed under the expandable flap. Outer clothing not in use can be secured under the pack or under the flap, depending on the location of the poncho. In placing items in the field pack, hard objects such as ration cans should be placed on the outside, with softer items such as clothing on the inside toward the wearer's back. A series of eyelets at the edge of the pack flap will accommodate the double hooks used on old field equipment carriers for such items as wire cutters and machetes.


The cotton duck field pack is 9 inches wide, 8 3/4 inches high, and 5 inches deep. It has a waterproof throat at the top of the pack and an expandable flap which is secured by two web straps and buckles. There are two web straps on the bottom of the pack to permit attachment of other items. A handle is located on the flap so that the pack can be carried by hand. The back of the pack has two attaching clips and eyelets so that the pack can be attached to the suspenders and to the pistol belt. A plastic card holder is located at the top of the pack for identification purposes.


Federal Stock Number

  • 8465-823-7622