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Small Arms Protective Insert

The Small Arms Protective Inserts (SAPI) upgrade the outer tactical vest (OTV) to provide additional protection from rifle-fired threats.

SAPI plates


The SAPI plates consist of a ceramic plate backed by multiple layers of a non-woven fabric film. The combination of materials produces a plate that can defeat rifle-fired rounds (5.56mm and 7.62mm) while minimizing back face signature. A protective covering prolongs plate life and minimizes spall in the event of a ballistic impact. The complex curvature of the plate optimizes anthropometric compatibility when worn in the front or back pocket of the OTV.


  • CO/PD 00-03


  • assigned at 1999-05-21
    • X-Small: 8470-01-465-1181
    • Small: 8470-01-465-1184
    • Medium: 8470-01-465-1187
    • Large: 8470-01-465-1188
    • X-Large: 8470-01-465-1189
  • assigned at 2002-06-06
    • X-Small: 8470-01-497-8701
    • Small: 8470-01-497-8709
    • Medium: 8470-01-497-8710
    • Large: 8470-01-497-8712
    • X-Large: 8470-01-497-8714





  • SAPI factsheet @NSRDEC [2003]