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Extreme Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

The extreme cold weather (ECW) sleeping bag is for use in locations where mean monthly temperatures are below +10°F.

ECW sleeping bag


The ECW sleeping bag is of quilted construction with the outside panels filled with waterfowl down conforming to type II, class 1 of MIL-F-43097, the inside panels, flap and weatherstrip filled with polyester batting conforming to MIL-B-41826. The front opening is equipped with a slide fastener, a flap closure with snap fasteners along the front opening and an adjustable face closure with drawstring.

The sleeping bag is furnished with a hood conforming to MIL-H-43879.



  • Sleeping bag with hood and carrying bag: 8465-00-518-2804 (canceled)
  • Sleeping bag with hood, without carrying bag: 8465-01-033-8057

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