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Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

The intermediate cold weather (ICW) sleeping bag is for use in locations where mean monthly temperature ranges from +45°F to +10°F.

ECW sleeping bag


The ICW sleeping bag is of quilted construction with the outside and the inside panels, flap and weatherstrip filled with synthetic batting. The front opening is equipped with a slide fastener, a flap closure with snap fasteners along the front opening and an adjustable face closure with drawstring.

The sleeping bag is furnished with a hood conforming to MIL-H-43879.



  • 8465-01-049-0888
  • 8465-01-033-8056 (previous model, conforming to Type I of MIL-S-43880, which is identical to that described above except the outer fabric is quilted with a diaphragm cloth to form channels which are filled with a mixture of 50/50 waterfowl feathers and down.)

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