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Aircrew Survival Armor Recovery Vest, Insert, and Packets

The Army's Aircrew Survival Armor Recovery Vest, Insert, and Packets (SARVIP) is a three part system: survival vest, armor insert with carrier, and survival, signal and communication components. SARVIP also accommodates the AN/PRC-90 or AN/PRC-112 radio set and the LPU-10/P life preserver. The SARVIP vest, packets, and other survival, signal and communication components replace the SRU-21/P vest. The SARVIP insert and carrier replace the .30 caliber aircrew body armor.

Aircrew Survival Small Arms Protective Body Armor

The SARVIP body armor is intended to be worn over the chest area to provide protection from small arms fire up to 12.7 mm (.50 cal).

Survival Signal and Communication Components

Placed in the various pockets on the SARVIP vest are the following items: compass, mirror, smoke and Illumination flares, sea dye marker, distress light marker, chemical agent detectors, distress signal kit, operators manual, and survival packets consisting of medical and basic components necessary for survival.

Packets for Aircrew Survival Vest

The packets for the SARVIP vest is of the following four types: basic, medical, first aid dressing and water storage bag, combat casualty bag.

Aircrew Survival Vest

The SARVIP vest consists of a raschel knitted aramid cloth body and aramid oxford cloth pockets. The vest has rescue lift straps and quick release mechanism for emergency recovery operation.