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Aircrew Survival Vest

The SARVIP vest consists of a raschel knitted aramid cloth body and aramid oxford cloth pockets. The vest has rescue lift straps and quick release mechanism for emergency recovery operation.



The vest contains a total of twelve pockets; eight front outer, two rear outer and two front inner, for storage of survival, signal and communication components. All pockets have fastener tape closures. For rescue-lift, a nylon webbing harness system is permanently attached to the vest in a cradle fashion and contains both leg and chest straps. The chest strap also provides the means for attaching the LPU-10/P life preservers. The vest also provides means for attaching a motor housing and face mask carrier when wearing MOPP clothing. A pocket is also provided on the vest for carrying a AN/PRC-90 or AN/PRC-112 radio.


The knitted, aramid cloth used for the body of the vest shall be Olive Green 106 and shall conform to MIL-C-43989. The oxford aramid cloth used for all pockets shall be Olive Green 106 and shall conform to MIL-C-43842.


National Stock Number

  • X-Small: 8415-01-358-9328
  • Small: 8415-01-358-9329
  • Medium: 8415-01-358-9330
  • Large: 8415-01-358-9331
  • X-Large: 8415-01-358-9332