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Survival Signal and Communication Components

Placed in the various pockets on the SARVIP vest are the following items: compass, mirror, smoke and Illumination flares, sea dye marker, distress light marker, chemical agent detectors, distress signal kit, operators manual, and survival packets consisting of medical and basic components necessary for survival.

SARVIP survival, signal and communication components
  1. LPU-10/P underarm life preserver, 4220-00-850-8655, MIL-L-38484
  2. Survival packet, type I
  3. Unmounted magnetic compass
  4. Aircrew survival vest
  5. Chest adjustment adapter
  6. Lifting piton
  7. Emergency signaling mirror, type I
  8. Survival packet, type II
  9. SDU-5/E distress light marker, 6230-00-938-1778, MIL-L-38217; battery, 6135-00-073-8939 flashguard, 6230-00-401-2285, MIL-S-81941
  10. V ring
  11. Harness snap
  12. Operator's manual
  13. Personnel distress signal kit, 1370-00-490-7362, MIL-S-83352
  14. Skin decontamination kit, 4230-01-101-3984, MIL-D-51490; chemical agent detector paper, 6665-00-050-8529, MIL-P-51409
  15. Survival packet, type III
  16. Survival packet, type IV
  17. D ring
  18. Sea dye marker packet, 6850-00-270-9986, MIL-S-17980
  19. AN/PRC-90, 5820-00-782-5308 or AN/PRC-112 radio set
  20. MK24 smoke and illumination signal, 1370-01-030-8330; battery for AN/PRC-90, 6135-00-838-0706, MIL-B-18267 or battery for AN/PRC-112, 6135-01-235-4168
  21. Aircrew survival small arms protective body armor carrier with insert
  22. Aircrew survival small arms protective body armor carrier