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Waterproof Clothing Bag

The waterproof clothing bag is intended to be a carrying bag providing waterproof protection for rations, extra clothing, personal effects, and the intermediate cold and extreme cold sleeping bags. It is not constructed to withstand rough use or handling. Should the area of operation or assigned function involve rough handling and waterproofing is required, the waterproof bag should be placed inside a bag of more rugged construction such as the duffel bag to prevent the waterproof bag from damage that would result in leakage.

Field Pack Liner

The field pack liner is intended to be used as a liner for field pack to hold items other than subsistence items that must be protected from moisture. The liner is also intended as a flotation device for the individual carrying the field pack.

Marine Corps Stuff Sack

After Action Reports from Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom demonstrated a compelling need to provide a waterproof bag to protect personal gear from the elements, rain, sand, snow, and moisture. The Marine Corps Stuff Sack will provide Marines a better method of waterproofing and sorting their personal gear stored inside the ILBE packs.

Waterproofing Bag Insert

The purpose of the waterproofing bag insert/liner (WPI) is to keep clothing and equipment dry when the ILBE main/assault pack is exposed to prolonged rain or water submersion during field use.


Commercial item description A-A-55092 covers a waterproof clothing bag.


Military specification MIL-B-3108 covers a waterproof clothing bag.


Military specification MIL-L-43720 covers three sizes of waterproof field pack liners.