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Waterproofing Bag Insert

The purpose of the waterproofing bag insert/liner (WPI) is to keep clothing and equipment dry when the ILBE main/assault pack is exposed to prolonged rain or water submersion during field use.

ILBE waterproofing bag insert


  • Water tight seal
  • Purge valve to effectively reduce the packed volume of the bag
  • Main Pack WPI
    • Olive green exterior and interior
    • 0.80 lbs.
    • 3,600 cubic inch (volume of the ILBE main pack to spindrift collar)
  • Assault Pack WPI
    • Olive green exterior with a fluorescent orange interior, with the top three inches of the bag solid green to minimize visual signature
    • 0.85 lbs.
    • 1,500 cubic inches (volume of the ILBE assault pack)


  • TAMCN: C5440
  • Assault pack liner
    • Cascade Designs Inc. CDI #02177
    • 8465-01-560-6727
  • Main pack liner
    • Cascade Designs Inc. CDI #02197
    • 8465-01-559-5404

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    • assault pack liner: 8465-01-613-1233
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    • GL/PD 13-02, 9 Oct. 2013 and change letter, 7 Feb. 2014.


  • WPI infopaper@PMICE [2008]