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Marine Corps Combat Desert Jacket

In an effort to meet its ever changing environmental challenges, The Marine Corps has identified a need for a Combat Desert Jacket (CDJ) that will provide protection from the unique environmental nature of the desert.

Marine Corps Combat Woodland Jacket

The Combat Woodland Jacket (CWJ) is a woodland version of the combat desert jacket.

Level V: Soft Shell Jacket and Trousers

The jacket and trousers are designed for use in moderate to cold weather conditions as a soft shell layer combined with other base and insulative layers.The jacket and trousers provide light weight, low bulk and extreme comfort for movement.

Layer 5: Wind Resistant Fleece Jacket

The LEP layer 5 wind resistant fleece jacket is fabricated in heavyweight fleece wind resistant fabric. It is the same basic design as the layer 4 heavyweight fleece jacket with the addition of wristovers and a hood.

Wind Pro Fleece Jacket

The windpro fleece jacket is intended for wear by male and female military personnel of the USMC in mountainous and cold weather environments.It will provide improved wind resistance, breathabilty and water repellency when worn in intermediate to cold weather environments.It will be part of the Mountain/Cold Weather Clothing System and will replace the current fleece jackets.

Light Weather Outer Layer

The FREE system light weather outer layer (LWOL) soft shell jacket and trousers are constructed with a lightweight, windproof, waterproof, breathable Massif Elements Lite 4-way stretch fabric made with DuPont Nomex fiber. The jacket features high collar for added protection, zippered chest and sleeve cargo pockets, and two flapped double pen pockets. The LWOL jacket is also engineered with an easy-cinch draw cord and adjustable wrist cuffs for variable fit and warmth, a pass-through flap for CVC extraction strap access, and velcro loop for name, rank, flag, and unit tape round out the LWOL's functionality.


Purchase description GL/PD-06-05 covers the requirements for a soft shell jacket, which serves as a layer of the GEN III ECWCS.


Purchase description GL/PD-06-16 covers the requirements for a soft shell trouser, which serves as a layer of the GEN III ECWCS.