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Marine Corps Combat Desert Jacket

In an effort to meet its ever changing environmental challenges, The Marine Corps has identified a need for a Combat Desert Jacket (CDJ) that will provide protection from the unique environmental nature of the desert.

CDJCDJ hoodCDJ monkey paw

The CDJ is a lightweight, wind resistant, water repellent jacket intended to provide multi-season environmental protection in desert environments. It provides protection against wind, blowing sand and light rain/snow, will have a minimal impact on the combat load and utilizes desert MARPAT printed fabrics that feature moisture management, odor reduction and breathability characteristics.


The CDJ has been designed to be compatible for wear with the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform, fleece pullover and lightweight cold weather underwear.

The CDJ has the following features:

  • Pockets with water resistant zipper closures: left chest, lower left and right front, and upper left sleeve.
  • A rank tab on the left chest.
  • Collar has a stowed neck gaiter/headover.
  • Sleeves have reinforced elbows, end with a retractable monkey paw design that provides additional hand protection and insulation (later replaced by adjustable wrist closures).


Heat generated from lugging heavy loads of body armor and ammo is allowed to escape through panels of thin, stretchy material that run down the jacket's side and under the arms.

The shoulders are reinforced with water-resistant Gore-Tex fabric to keep shoulders from chafing, while another panel of the same Gore-Tex fabric in the lower back protects against water seepage below the line of a Marine's body armor.

The jacket's chest and back panels are made of another Gore-made material called Freedom Plus, which combines the softness of fleece with the toughness of standard Gore-Tex. Designers figured the chest would be covered with body armor anyway, so water resistance wasn't the main goal.

The arms are made out of a Polartec fabric called Power Shield and are lined with a light, grid-pattern fleece.[1]


  • TAMCN: C01372F
  • IDN: 11495C
  • X-Small: 8415-01-541-9416
  • Small: 8415-01-541-9427
  • Medium: 8415-01-541-9430
  • Large: 8415-01-541-9432
  • X-Large: 8415-01-541-9436
  • XX-Large: 8415-01-541-9442

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