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Body Armor/Load Carriage System

The SPEAR Body Armor/Load Carriage System (BALCS) consists of body armor, an equipment load carrying subsystem, and a backpack subsystem.

Equipment Load Carrying Subsystem

The SPEAR Equipment Load Carrying System (ELCS) is a modular pocketing and harness system allows mission tailoring of load and system configuration.The ELCS is compatible with the SPEAR Body Armor and Backpack Subsystem, and provides optimum compatibility with individual equipment and weapons.

Backpack Subsystem

The modified commercial Backpack Subsystem (UM21) contains a backpack, patrol pack, and butt pack. The backpacks state-of-the-art internal frame affords a stable platform sufficient to carry 120 lbs. effectively. The backpack transfers load efficiently from the shoulders to the waist and provides adjustments to fit the 5th - 95th percentile male SOF operator. The butt pack attaches to ELCS or the backpack; the patrol pack attaches to the backpack, and is compatible with the other SPEAR BALCS components.