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Arctic Sleeping Bag

The M-1942 arctic sleeping bag consists of two down and feather filled cases for use in extreme low temperatures. The inner bag is mummy shaped. A full length zipper is used to close the quilt shaped outer bag. A waterproof wrap case, having flaps and tie tapes, is provided for carrying both rolled bags.

Mountain Sleeping Bag

The M-1942 mountain sleeping bag is a mummy shaped, down and feather filled sleeping bag, made in regular and large size, in which an over-lapping tube construction prevents the entry of cold air at the stitching. The shape and design gives maximum warmth with minimum weight. Tie straps are attached to the foot of the bag. A waterproof bag is provided for protecting the rolled bag. The regular bag weighs 5.75 lbs. The large bag weighs 6.00 lbs.