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FM 31-16: Counterguerrilla Operations

Field manual 31-16 provides guidance for all infantry and airborne commanders and, where applicable, staffs of the brigade, battalion, and rifle company when they have the primary mission of conducting counterguerrilla operations. This guidance also applies to mechanized infantry and armor units of comparable level when they have been appropriately tailored to delete the major portion of their mechanized vehicular support. Commanders adn staffs must be prepared to conduct counterguerrilla operations on a detached or semi-independent basis.

This manual is adjunct to FM 31-15, Operations against Irregular Forces; FM 7-30, Infantry, Airborne, and Mechanized Division Brigades; FM 7-20, Infantry, Airborne Infantry, and Mechanized Infantry Battalions; and FM 7-11, Rifle Company, Infantry, Airborne Infantry, and Mechanized Infantry; and is designed to discuss only those areas which require special emphasis in counterguerrilla operations.


  • 1969-07-25: Change No. 1
  • 1967-03-24: [pdf 1/3, 2/3, 3/3]
  • 1963-02-19: [pdf]


  • "Framework for Counterguerrilla Tactical Doctrine: A Theoretical Approach" [pdf]