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Extended Cold Weather Balaclava Hood

The hood replaces combat vehicle crewman's hood as a component of ECWCS.

extended cold weather balaclava hood

Description of Item

The hood is a pull-over-the-head style and has a facial opening adjustable by means of a pull tab (eliminated in A-A-50194) allowing it to be worn up over the nose, or down under the chin.

Materials Used

The outer shell of the hood (cover fabric) is knit, wool, Camouflage Green 483 conforming to type I, class 4 of MIL-C-3735. The fabric for the lining (layer next to head) is polyester, sheared fleece, Camouflage Green 483 conforming to type II of MIL-C-44161.

The later model conforming to A-A-50194 is constructed of two plies of a green (replaced by black), knitted wool blend with a nylon wind-barrier interlining.



  • LIN: H46744
  • Camouflage Green 483 (replaced by Black 470): 8415-01-310-0606
  • Foliage Green: 8415-01-526-8790