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Extended Cold Weather Balaclava Hood

The hood replaces combat vehicle crewman's hood as a component of ECWCS.

Balaclava with Face Guard

The FROG balaclava has a hinged face guard that allows wearer to expose face without having to remove helmet and balaclava. It is issued in light and mid weight FR materials for different seasons.

Flame Resistant Anti-Flash Hood

The FR anti-flash hood is intended to protect its user from transient and elevated air temperatures, resulting from the use of high explosive weapons, and is used with the FR anti-flash gloves.

Combat Vehicle Crewman's Hood (Balaclava)

The CVC hood is intended to provide combat vehicle crewmen protection against wind, cold and flame and also worn with the extended cold weather parka, and under the M-1 or PASGT helmet as a component of ECWCS (later replaced by extended cold weather balaclava hood).

Lightweight Performance Hood

The Lightweight Performance Hood (LPH) is a fire-resistant, no-melt, no-drip head and face covering that provides the Soldier with protection from thermal threats and minimizes heat stress in hot-dry climates while providing limited heat retention in cool climates.