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Marine Corps Cold Weather Wear Guidance

Wear guidance for cold weather clothing fielded by the Program Manager, Infantry Combat Equipment, Marine Corps Systems Command (PM ICE, MARCORSYSCOM).

Cold Weather Clothing Insulating Levels

Cold Weather Accessories

Recommended Clothing Levels for Cold Weather Missions

CategoryTemperature Range (°F)Clothing Level Recommendation
Wet Cold+39 to +20**+
Dry Cold+19 to -4*
Intense Cold-5 to -25**
Extreme ColdBelow -25**
  • *: Clothing levels can be added and removed based on personal comfort and activity level.
  • +: Use of camouflage utilities, particularly the MCCUU is not recommended during heavy or extended precipitation events. Recommend using Level 1 and 5 with an insulating layer, as needed, when heavy or extended precipitation is expected.


  • PM ICE Organizational Clothing and Equipment Wear Guide [2019][2014]