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Watch Cap

The knitted wool watch cap is intended for wear by Naval and Air Force personnel in cold environments.

wool watch cap


The watch cap shall be bell shaped, pull over style. The crown shall be shaped of four or six equal sections as applicable, joined together by darts of equal length.


The wool shall be fleece or pulled sheep's wool, or a combination both, not lower in grade than 54's US Standard, and be mothproofed in accordance with MIL-C-43665.

The knitted fabric for the crown and body portions of the watch cap shall be circular knit continuously together, utilizing either a simulated two ply or single ply construction process.

The color of the knit watch cap shall match Blue Shade 3346.



  • LIN: C04000
  • TAMCN: C10552F
  • blue 3346: 8405-01-006-1074, superseding 8405-00-109-0782 (blue 3339)