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Micro Fleece Cap

The microfleece cap is intended for wear as multipurpose lightweight head protection.

micro fleece cap in coyotemicro fleece cap in blackmicro fleece cap in foliage green

Materials Used

The basic material for the cap is a 100% polyester circular knit terry with comfort stretch, double-sided, low micro velour (fleece) with moisture management properties, no-pill Polartec 100 Series Micro Style 9118M pile or equal.

Description of Item

The microfleece cap is a single ply construction in a bell shape, pull-on style with a crown shaped of four equal sections joined together by darts of equal length and with a 4 + 1/8 inch wide hem that can be cuffed or worn down. This design provides a cap that is light in weight, low in bulk, has environmental protection, and compatible with the helmet and ECWCS parka hood.





  • Black (polyester and spandex)
    • LIN: DA152Z
    • 8415-01-485-1165
  • Coyote
  • Black
    • LIN: C03291
    • 8405-01-524-2671
  • Foliage Green 504
    • LIN: C03291
    • 8405-01-527-5330