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Lower Back (Kidney) Protector

The IOTV Gen II lower back protector is a simplified version of the Gen I lower back protector. It has neither PALS webbing nor a utility channel, and the interior fabric is woven nylon similar to the exterior fabric.

IOTV Gen II lower back protectorIOTV Gen II lower back protector interior

National Stock Number

The ballistic insert is the same as the Gen I insert.

  • assembly, one size, UCP: 8470-01-564-2999
    • outershell: 8470-01-564-3393
    • insert: 8470-01-551-8523
  • assembly, one size, OCP: 8470-01-584-0760
    • outershell: 8470-01-584-0788
    • insert: 8470-01-551-8523