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Level VII: Extreme Cold Weather Parka and Trousers

The parka and trousers are the outermost level of protection in the system designed for use during static operations in extreme cold, dry conditions.

Level VI: Extreme Cold/Wet Weather Jacket and Trousers

The jacket and trousers are designed for use in cold, wet conditions alternating between freezing and thawing as a hard shell layer combined with other base and insulative layers.The jacket and trousers provide a lightweight, completely waterproof, windproof and breathable level of protection against the elements.

Level V: Soft Shell Jacket and Trousers

The jacket and trousers are designed for use in moderate to cold weather conditions as a soft shell layer combined with other base and insulative layers.The jacket and trousers provide light weight, low bulk and extreme comfort for movement.

Level IV: Wind Jacket

The wind jacket is designed to act as a low volume shell layer in transitional environments to provide wind and sand protection, optimizing the performance of moisture wicking along with insulation layers when combined with body armor or the Army Combat Uniform.

Level III: Fleece Jacket

The jacket is designed to act as the primary insulation layer for use in moderate to cold climates.It is also approved to wear as an outer garment.The jacket creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat providing outstanding warmth without weight.This comfortable garment offers excellent breathability, dries quickly and provides environmental protection while maintaining low bulk and durability.

Level II: Midweight Shirt and Drawers

The shirt and drawers are designed to provide light insulation for use in mild climates as well as a base layer for colder climates, worn next to skin by itself or in conjunction with other levels (level I) for added insulation and to aid in the transfer of moisture.Fabric is slightly different than level I in that it provides extra warmth but still wicks moisture away from the skin to allow for quicker evaporation.

Level I: Lightweight Undershirt and Drawers

The undershirt and drawers are designed to be worn next to skin by itself and to transfer moisture from the skin to the outside of the fabric where it spreads rapidly for quicker evaporation.

Field Jacket

The M-1943 field jacket is a windproof, water-repellent jacket which is used in temperate and cold climates as the necessary windproof outer shell. It may be worn over a shirt, sweater and pile jacket, or any combination of the three.

Combat Medic Set

The MOLLE Combat Medic Set consists of a medic bag and eight external medic modular pouches (four each for the vest and the bag). This set is duty-specific and is issued in addition to the rifleman set.

Medical Bag

The MOLLE medical bag was designed to carry a mix of medical supplies and equipment that could be customized for specific missions.

Improved MOLLE Medic Set

The Improved MOLLE Medic Set (IMMS) is a redesign of the MOLLE Combat Medic Set. It accommodates the changes in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) doctrine and enable combat medics to carry additional life saving medical supplies.

Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment II

Based on user feedback on the original system, the MOLLE requirements were modified to eliminate the need for a quick-release frame that integrates into the load bearing vest (LBV).The change allowed developers to replace the probe and socket mechanism, which caused problems in donning for some soldiers and Marines, to a quick-release mechanism for a more traditional permanently-mounted waist belt on the frame.

Assault Pack

The Assault Pack of the USMC Pack system has an approximate internal volume of 1525 cubic inches in the main compartment and 300 cubic inches in the front pocket. The Main Pack and Assault Pack components are capable of carrying a maximum combined load of 120 pounds.

Main Pack

The Main Pack of the USMC Pack system has an approximate internal volume of 3400 cubic inches in the main compartment and 1600 cubic inches in the lower compartment. The Main Pack and Assault Pack components are capable of carrying a maximum combined load of 120 pounds.

Marine Corps Cold Weather Wear Guidance

Wear guidance for cold weather clothing fielded by the Program Manager, Infantry Combat Equipment, Marine Corps Systems Command (PM ICE, MARCORSYSCOM).

Marine Corps Grenadier Set

The Grenadier Set is a suite of three 40mm grenade pouches and one 40mm Grenade Multi-Round System (GMRS) to support the standard combat load for a Marine grenadier. The pouches are Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) and are part of the Family of Individual Load Bearing Equipment.

Marine Corps Combat Desert Jacket

In an effort to meet its ever changing environmental challenges, The Marine Corps has identified a need for a Combat Desert Jacket (CDJ) that will provide protection from the unique environmental nature of the desert.

3 Season Sleep System

The 3 season sleep system (3S) is a single sleeping bag system that is lighter in weight and provides increased environmental protection for all environments except extreme cold weather.

Marine Corps All Purpose Liner

The all purpose liner (APL) is an improved poncho liner with a zipper closure.

Marine Corps Intermediate Cold Weather Glove

The USMC Intermediate Cold Weather Glove is designed to be worn in cold weather environments to protect the user from the elements including snow, wind, and ice with a threshold temperature range from 40° to 0° Fahrenheit.

Improved Entrenching Tool

The Improved Entrenching Tool is a lightweight, hand held implement intended for use as a shovel or as a pick to move dirt, sand, gravel, or grass, sever roots, clear brush and pound tent stakes. The Improved E-Tool is capable of operating in all terrestrial extremes (jungle, arctic and temperate environment) in all weather conditions.

Improved Sleeping Mat

The Improved Sleeping Mat (ISM) is designed to be easily folded into a more compact form for carrying and stowage by Marines. The 'accordion-style' fold is durable, while providing improved comfort for quality of sleep without increasing weight.

Enhanced Combat Helmet

The Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH) was developed in response to a 2009 USON to produce a helmet that providesballistic protection from selected small arms ammunition andfragmentation, yet maintains all other characteristics of the Marine Corps' Lightweight Helmet (LWH) and the Army's Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH).

Corpsman Assault System

The Corpsman Assault System (CAS) is specifically intended to provide the Corpsman with a load carriage system that fully integrates with the USMC Pack and currently fielded body armor systems.